Certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), I develop creative and customized workouts specifically designed to reach your goals.

Specializing in weight loss, corrective exercise, strength training, nutrition, pain managment, disease prevention.



Corrective Exercise / Posture Training

Tired of neck pain from slouching over your desk all day at the office?  Do you have back or knee pain that prevents you from living life to your fullest?  Then corrective exercise and posture training is where we will begin.  Addressing weak and unstable areas of the body using physiotherapy techniques and flexibility training, we will work on correcting your posture and relieving pain. Once pain free, strength training can begin!

Strength Training

Not the typical "meathead" weightlifting training.

The focus is placed on strengthening the body’s kinetic chain (skeletal, nervous & muscular). Strength training begins with core training, neuromuscular training (stability) and reactive neuromuscular training (balance). Like any structure, we must first build a strong foundation: With a solid base the body is better prepared to accept and handle increasing loads and pressure. Each routine is designed to fit a specific person, but every routine is geared to increase functional strength, promote weight loss and protect the body against injury.


Flexibility Training

Flexibility training is the single most important training you can perform to increase & promote wellness in your life. At the end of every session you lie back and I do the work. Active Isolation Stretching can correct muscle imbalances, rehab minor tears or pulled muscles and joints. Reconnect with your body, feel more energetic, less stiffness/soreness and help to prevent future injuries.


Pre and Post Natal Training

Many exercising mothers-to-be stop exercise once they find they are pregnant. There are many benefits to continuing exercise during pregnancy, for both mother and child. A large number of women, who continue exercise during pregnancy, tend to have a quicker and less complicated labor than those who do not exercise. Many mothers also find they put on less excess weight during pregnancy whilst exercising, therefore making the post-birth goals quicker and easier. The baby's health will also benefit from a healthy mother, and so nutrition and exercise are crucial. Postnatal is often a difficult time in terms of maintaining the commitment to exercise. From around 6-8 weeks, it is perfectly safe to return to exercise, and achieve the 3 main postnatal goals of a return to pre-pregnancy weight, a rapid improvement in abdominal tone, and improved body image. This can be achieved this around according to your schedule with your new addition to the family!​

Home / Office / Park Training

You don’t need to go to a gym. You can train in the privacy of your own home, workplace or outside in the park. We will supply you with all the equipment you need and will work alongside you to make sure that you get maximum benefit from every session. We are particularly good at squeezing a lot out of a small space.


Group Training

A great option for businesses that want to give the gift of good health to their employees or for a group of workers who want to move together before or after work. I will lead you in a group exercise class for 60 min that will raise your heart rate, improve your flexibility and deal with problems associated with working at a desk or counter by addressing posture and increasing strength. 




As a nutrition specialist, I understand that diet in combination with exercise gets the best results and is the single most important component of overall health.  We will talk about this in our workouts and in detail during nutritional consults. We will discuss your current knowledge of food and I will answer the basic question of “what is food?” Continuing, I will explain the process of how food reacts in your body to give you energy. This means comprehending basic concepts in chemistry and physiology, but I can explain these concepts to you. We will then work with your specific goals to achieve measurable results, whether it is weight loss, putting on muscle, lowering your cholesterol, controlling diabetes… you name it. We will tread a path together that leads to you success.



How is my service different from other fitness coaching?


My service is geared towards educating you with the information necessary to make healthy choices. I do this by imparting my knowledge to you in a method that resonates with your ability to  internalize this information.  Instead of using a didactic, sellative approach that tells you what is “right”, I use an adult learning theory model, in which I assume you are motivated and self-directed, your life experiences are relevant, you are goal and relevancy oriented, are practical, and deserving of respect. I hope that in working with you I inspire these esteemable qualities to become stronger and that healthy living becomes a lifelong process.


In addition to supporting your specific fitness and nutritional goals, I will draw from my expertise in philosophy (I have an MA in philosophy) and in nursing to give you the critical thinking skills you need to understand the fitness and food industry and how it relates to your overall health. I want you to navigate the world of health and fitness as an independent, educated thinker that can evolve with ever changing trends even when I am not at your side. Essentially, I aim to give you enough knowledge to ask the right questions about fitness and food to think for yourself throughout your the rest of your life. 

As your fitness consultant, I draw on my experience as an RN to help you navigate your health concerns. I have worked as an RN Care Manager for the LA LGBT Center in transgender health and primary care and also worked as a bedside nurse in the cardiac telemetry unit of a hospital doing direct patient care. I have in depth knowledge of hormone replacement therapies and have worked extensively with patients  managing diabetic, orthopedic and cardiovascular illnesses.


Navigating the health care system is complicated and scary. I am here to answer specific questions you may have related to your health within my scope of practice. I can help you advocate for yourself and will make referrals as needed.


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